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MIDORI BONSAI CLUB is one of the oldest and most vibrant bonsai clubs in California. Club meetings feature a mix of talented lecturers/demonstrators with hands-on learning activities to further our knowledge and understanding of bonsai techniques and procedures. The club sponsors workshops conducted by Bonsai Masters as well as beginner classes and study groups led by highly trained teachers. Whether you are a novice or an experienced bonsai enthusiast, Midori will help expand your appreciation, skills and overall knowledge of “the wonderful world of miniature trees.”

MIDORI BONSAI CLUB meets twice a month in the Social Hall of Good Sammaritan Episcopal Church, on Union Ave. at Highway 85, San Jose, CA. At 7:30 on the first Thursday of each month we hold our general club meeting. This meeting typically consists of a lecture/demonstration of intermediate to advanced bonsai techniques and occasionally becomes a hands-on lecture workshop. Here members learn new techniques and have the opportunity to ask questions about how to apply the information to their own bonsai. On the third Thursday evening of each month we meet to hold our hands-on workshop at 7:30. This meeting is typically theme-oriented with a minimum of structure. It is a more relaxed experience – a time for getting together to trade bonsai insights, work on our trees, and help others with advancing their bonsai.


You are cordially invited to visit one or several of our meetings and activities. If you become interested in joining, our annual membership dues (Jan through Dec) are $40.00 per single and $50.00 per couple or family, plus $15.00 per person to cover the cost of a nametag. Dues are reduced by 50% after July 1. You need no prior gardening experience or a “green thumb” to become proficient in the art of bonsai. As a member we request that you contribute some time and energy in support of club activities and participate in the Annual Show and two fund-raising auctions held annually in June and December. Only through the active support of our members can we continue to provide top quality Bonsai Masters and instructors for our monthly programs, classes and workshops.

If you have always thought that bonsai is an interesting art form, come join us and experience it first-hand. We would like to see you at our next meeting.  If you are interested in joining the club just print out the membership form and turn it into Ben Willis, along with a check for membership fees, at one of our meetings.  MIDORI MEMBERSHIP FORM


Good Sammaritan Episcopal Church Social Hall, 15040 Union Ave. (at Highway 85) San Jose, CA 95124 Click to View Map

first & third Thursdays, 7:30 PM

The first Thursday of each month we hold our general club meeting at 7:30pm and the third Thursday we meet at 7:30pm to hold our workshops.


President – Jack Christiansen – (408) 280-7539 – Jackchristiansen@sbcglobal.net

Pat Gee Fund – John Thompson – (408) 371-7737 – jtbonsai@earthlink.net

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Midori Bonsai Club, P.O. Box 24097, San Jose, CA 95154-4097