September 2016


September 2016, Vol. 42, Issue 9



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  • Board Members needed
  • September Meeting Topics & Club Calendar
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Presidents MessageIMG_3634

September is an busy and exciting month for our Midori Bonsai club, we are now on the threshold  of our 2016 Annual Show, just one month away. And I can’t be happier for the beautiful new show facility we have at the Quinlan Center that will provide us with the best opportunity to showoff our trees on display. Yet there’s much to be done coordinating the various needed roles everyone will need to step into once that morning arrives.  Needles to say everyone in the club will be needed and there at the facility by 8:00AM ready to perform their assigned duties, along with the closing of the show at 5:00PM. Since not everyone has been to the Quinlan Center in Cupertino here is the address:  10185 N. Stelling Rd., Cupertino, CA.

Also important at this time is that everyone has selected the trees they choose to be in the show and are diligent about refining the tree and prepping the pot and soil in order to be displayed. If your not certain and unfamiliar with the whole process and need clarification as to what to do, Juan Cruz, in our first meeting in September, will be doing a demonstration covering the whole process.

The trees in training section will not need to be in a show pot but a container that is presentable and clean, wire and other support systems needed to develop the tree is appropriate.  We will have club members to staff that area when questions arise from visitors regarding why we do what we do.  This is a great opportunity for club members to share their bonsai knowledge and support our clubs search for new possible interested members.

Our Club now has the two flyers to hand out that have been produced for all member to utilize and promote our show.  It’s everyones responsibility to pick up this material and distribute it in whatever creative away possible.  Nurseries, garden clubs, work bulletin boards, family gatherings, you name it the possibilities is endless.  So pick up these materials and use them!

Some of the additional features that everyone will enjoy at our show this year is music being played throughout the show, coffee and tea, along with various pastries and goodies will be available to visitors and members, plus we have invited an Ikebana Cub that will have a long row display of beautiful flower arrangements.  There is a nice outside patio door that leads to an area that has permanent seating and tables we can use for our luncheon area and tree sale. Plus the room has a built in stage platform where we will host our demonstration present by Peter Tea at 1:00Pm.  At present we have invited 7 vendors that will display a variety of bonsai related products that both club members and visitors will be pleased to utilize.

I hope that everyone is getting excited since we’re moving closer to our show date, and we want everyone in our club to have at least one tree presented at our show this year.  I know that this is a rather intimidating statement for new members, but thats how everyone who has been with the club over many years all got started.  So jump in and have a share with the group!

October is fast approaching and with that we still have on our agenda many fine programs yet to be enjoyed by club members.  Peter Tea in October will present a program centered around proper branch development, this is a very advanced opportunity, many of us over the years never got started with the proper way to develop a branch. And Peter will go though this with us and set matters straight with his systematic approach we all can understand.  So stay tuned, it will be enlightening.

Have a great month doing bonsai everyone!

Jack Christiansen

J T’s Tree TipsJT Picture


Our show is coming up Saturday October 1st at the Quinlan Center where we also do the the Cherry Blossom Festival in the Spring. We need everyone on board to help set up and take down at the end as we can only get in at 8AM and open at 10.

Now is the time for us to fine tune our trees.  Because of the large size of the facility it is an opportunity for us all to show at least one tree.  Jack Christiansen has the signup sheets for the backdrops, row display and trees in training.  we will have more row display slots because we’re doing both sides and everyone should be able to have a tree in the ‘bonsai in process’ area.  This is important because it shows trees at various stages in the bonsai process and the public can easily relate to these trees.  Also, it gives each of us, who don’t have a finished tree, a chance to get “skin” in the game.

Once you have decided on the tree(s) you wish to put in the show, examine them as if they weren’t your trees.  If you were just walking past this tree what would you think of it?  Really look at your tree.  Sometimes, looking at the reflected image of your tree in a mirror can change your memorized picture of it so you can really make a needed change.  There are usually easy things you can do to improve your tree immediately. Keep it simple.

If you are showing a tree in the “bonsai in process” section of our show, it can have wire on it almost anywhere.  After all, it is in training.  But it still needs to be as neat as it can be.  And, please stretch yourself and your tree just a little bit farther.  First, clean up the pot and weed it.  Then take all hanging foliage and pinch it off.  Leaving a little space between the branches defines them better and allows the “birds to fly through.”  Prune or pinch off those shoots that have outgrown the silhouette you see as the tree.

You may do some light wiring to bring back and clean up the line of the branches.  Don’t take off excessive foliage.  Leave it a little fuller than if you were styling it.  It will look better this way than if you plucked it down to nothing.

Prune off any sickly or off-color foliage and those bits of foliage underneath the pads. Cleaning that line makes a big difference.  Clean the remaining foliage if it has excessive water spots or honeydew.  Check for critters.  Snail, slugs, scale, mites or ants are sure to take a bow during the show if you let them.

Decide if you want to use moss or other ground cover and whether you need smaller scaled soil.  Scrape off some of the older soil; add your moss then work in the fine soil bringing it up to the level of the pot.  Sweep with a soft brush, and then tamp down to just below the rim of the pot.  Water in gently. .  If you have a source of fine show soil or moss, please bring that in to the 1st and 3rd Thursday meetings to share with your fellow exhibitors.  

Coming up with moss in the fall is always difficult, but with another year of  drought, its almost impossible.  You can use a dark colored (brown or black) fine gravel if you have no moss or use a little moss close to the trunk with the gravel covering most of the surface.  Just make it neat.  


Editor’s Note

Hi Folks,

For this month’s video is a look at some of the short term apprentice programs they do in Japan.



Board Members Needed

Every two years our club has the opportunity to elect new board members that take the lead in organizing and running club functions. This year 2016 is another election year where at our yearly Christmas Party we hold the nominations for our newly elected board members. Many board members choose to remain in their elected positions and others choose to step down with new opportunities for other club members to step forward and fill those positions.

Having the opportunity to be President over the past years has been very fulfilling and insightful. And having active and responsible board members that take their job seriously in support of our club has made my job even easier. Thanks to those that have done so!

This year my job as President is completed, along with other openings on the board, so the call goes out for others in our club to step forward  and fill those positions. In addition the clubs Secretarial position has a opening. Board Members, if there’s other positions open and I have not been informed please do so by the end of July.

Some of the board members positions need assistants that can step in for them when they are gone, so if you would like to share in that capacity please let me know sometime this month.  Midori has been a great place for all of us to come and enjoy each others company and share our hobby together. A well organized club benefits everyone with great meetings that fulfill everyones bonsai knowledge regardless if your a new member or old.  I have enjoy every minute that I’ve been a club member throughout the many years as Vice President and now as President. Please, if you would like to step forward and take on a position with the club let me know and we can get you started!

Jack Christiansen, President

Pictures from the REBS Show


September Meeting Topics & Club Calendar

September 1st – Show tree preparation w/Juan Cruz

We will be discussing what you need to do to get your tree ready for our club show happening on October 1st. Please bring at least one tree you will be showing so we can discuss how to put the final touches on your tree so it will be ready for the show.

September 15th – Show prep workshop

Bring in your trees for final preparation before the show!

2016 Meeting Schedule

Month 1st Thursday 3rd Thursday
September Show tree preparation w/Juan Cruz Show organization program
October Proper branch development with Peter Tea Open workshop
November Using pesticides with Ryan Nichols Open workshop
December Annual Holiday Party, Election, and Auction Pork Chop Workshop

Set-up & Refreshments and Formal Tree Display

Month Formal Tree Display Set-up & Refreshments
September Jeff Escallier Carol Fairchild & Seiji Shiba
October Seiji Shiba George Shoptaw & Kathy Sloan
November Danny Powell Jim Wallace & Larry White
December Holiday Party, no formal display Everyone!

 Notice about Set-up & Refreshment Duty

Hello Everyone, it’s Ray Stagner, in charge of facilities. For our club meetings to be successful, it is important our members participate and share in some of the responsibilities. We ask our members to help in the monthly duties of setting up and tearing down for both first and third Thursday meetings. Members who attend meetings regularly, are asked to help. Please arrive 1/2 hour before the meeting starts. I will be there to direct you. It’s very important, if you are unable to help on the days you are assigned to please contact me (408-209-5654). As well as helping with set up, we would like you to bring snacks of your choice to both meetings. If everyone participates, our meetings will start on time so we all can enjoy the activities planned for that evening.

Northern California Bonsai Events

September 17, 2016 Placerville, California
Gold Country Bonsai Club: 2nd Annual Show at Rainbow Orchards, 2569 Larsen Drive, Camino, the lovely Apple Hill destination at El Dorado County, known for its apple cider doughnuts. Show hours are 10 AM – 4 PM with Bonsai Clinic to be held by club members. Renowned bonsai trees and suiseki by renowned member collectors will be exhibited. For more information, contact Scott Chadd at (530) 622-9681 or, or check their website at

September 24 – 25, 2016Penryn, California
Sierra Bonsai Club: Annual Show at the Placer Buddhist Church, 3192 Boyington Road, in conjunction with the 52nd Annual Food Bazaar. Show hours are 11 AM – 5 PM Saturday and 11 AM – 4 PM Sunday. Bonsai demonstration will be held in the temple both days, along with other cultural events throughout the day. It is a yearly celebration for the whole family to enjoy. For more information, contact Lucy Sakaishi-Judd (916) 300-8103


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